Hannibal Collection


It is our passion

Ethical & Social Responsibility

We spend a lot of time researching how and where our clothes are made. We sell handmade in New Zealand garments as well as garments ethically sourced from overseas. We are serious about pursuing ethical and socially responsible processes and policies as much as we can.


All of the Fresh Soul Baby Originals are on limited runs and designed by some of our favourite Tattoo and Graphic Artists.

$4 from each Fresh Soul Baby Original sold will go towards Kids Can, an organisation who helps kids less fortunate than others. They provide food, clothing and basic healthcare in schools to enable disadvantaged children to be more engaged in their education and reach their full potential.

If you are an Artist who would like to get involved, please contact us!  We'd love to work with you.

Festival Line-Up

NZ Tattoo & Art Festival

New Plymouth

November, 2020