Artists We Have Worked With

We're stoked to have a few Artists who have done some pretty sweet designs for us so far.  We have lots more up our sleeves so make sure you join our mailing list so that you don't miss out! 

Please take some time to check our artists out, they're pretty rad. 

Vince Finck

Greg Davis

Vince Finck Tattoo - Germany
Def Sound - New Zealand
Black baby onesie with a woman screaming holding her hands up to her mouth and birds flying off in the distance.  It is all encompassed by a white triangle.

Onnie O'Leary

Greg Davis

TLD Tattoo - Australia

Def Sound - New Zealand

Toni Moore

Forever Bound Tattoos - United Kingdom
Black baby tee with a heart and dagger design surrounded in filagry with the words Fresh Soul Baby in the middle